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TEDx talk: Why I changed my mind on vaccinations!

Nurse Practitioner Dani Stringer describes her story of leaving behind vaccine hesitancy and forging ahead as an advocate for immunizations. She explores a perspective that focuses on tackling the anti-vaccine movement by communicating with kindness.

2019-11-22T15:03:33-05:00November 21, 2019|Vaccine Hesitancy|

Top Threats to Global Health in 2019

The World Health Organization included vaccine hesitancy on the list of threats to global health in 2019. Vaccine hesitancy is a complex matter, with reasons for not vaccinating ranging from accessibility to personal belief. While the reasons may vary, the global effect of not vaccinating has created significant issues.

2020-11-23T15:30:09-05:00November 21, 2019|Vaccine Hesitancy|

Benefits of Universal Vaccine Policies

There are many significant benefits to universal vaccine policies. Improved accessibility is one the major benefits because both privately and publicly insured children and adults have access to vaccines. The roadblock of not being able to afford vaccines is no longer an issue.

2020-11-23T14:14:14-05:00November 21, 2019|Universal Vaccine Programs|

How do we approach anti-vaccination attitudes?

Christopher A. Swingle, DO discusses the importance of understanding each anti-vaxxer on an individual level. Getting to know the fears, concerns, and beliefs is what will help establish a trusting relationship between the provider and patient. It will allow the provider to be a better communicator of facts and evidence-based research on vaccines.

2020-11-23T15:33:18-05:00October 22, 2019|Vaccine Hesitancy|